During the seven decades since our establishment, Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has been involved in major and significant copyright cases in varying fields concerning musical and literary works, dramatic and artistic works, photographic, cinematographic and architectural works, as well as cases involving copyright in computer software and copyrights in technical drawings. Our firm has gained vast experience in enforcement of all kinds of copyrights having represented the Israeli Performing Rights Society for many years, and has filed claims on behalf of authors regarding their moral rights. Counseling Israel’s performing rights society for decades, we have acquired considerable expertise in complex issues of copyright collective management also involving anti-trust issues. Our firm also deals with copyright issues involving copyrights in the “new media”. Most copyright cases involve injunctions and restraining orders, and are heard by the District Courts, and many of these cases begin with temporary injunction proceedings. We have also gained extensive experience in copyright litigation.


Nahum Gabrieli

Ehud Gabrieli

Hila Oz Meyer


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