There are cases in which trade secret protection can prove a more effective means for a company to benefit from its technological know-how as opposed to actual patent protection. This form of protection requires special precautions in order to preserve strict confidentiality without which a trade secret cannot exist. According to the law, the trade secret must provide a trade advantage to its owner in order for it to be protected as a trade secret.
Having fought some serious battles over this issue, Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has in-depth expertise regarding trade secrets and procedures for establishing and safeguarding trade secret know-how.  Our team has comprehensive experience in drafting confidentiality agreements with employees, suppliers, customers, and strategic partners. The present environment of employee mobility and increasingly complex business relationships requires policing potential uses of trade secrets by competitors. We also help clients with the exploitation of trade secrets by drafting Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and know-how license agreements, and advise our clients on how to keep their trade secrets, enforce their rights in such secrets and avoid encroaching on the trade secret rights of others.