We are proud of the rankings we continuously achieve by the leading legal directories. The following are some of our recent rankings.


“Knowledgeable, professional and responsive boutique law office.”


“[Clients] appreciate the firm’s ability to provide solutions based on the breadth of its IP work, their practice is diverse and includes all fields of IP.”


On Nahum Gabrieli: “[Possesses] fast understanding of technical aspects and very good command of the relevant IP law.”


On Ehud Gabreli: “Very knowledgeable, fast responding and has a good understanding of legal and technical issues.”



“One of the best boutique firms.”


“High-quality IP firm, which approaches its legal practice with an international perspective, which international companies find especially beneficial.”


“A fixture in the Israeli IP market. Bringing together experienced patent attorneys and legal advocates, the team proves both effective and efficient and, with deep connections in the market, is often able to successfully manage disputes before they get to court.”


On Nahum and Ehud Gabrieli: “have a quick and thorough perception of technical and legal issues.”


“One of the most venerable IP firms in Israel.”


“A terrific firm, which has established itself in a prominent position […] it focuses on the merits of the work. It is foremost in terms of quality.”


“A longstanding and highly experienced firm.”


“Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. is a professional firm that really cares about its clients and their businesses. Its lawyers have great expertise and experience in intellectual property and are always cost effective and communicative.”


“Undeniably winning litigation tradition.”


Nahum Gabrieli: “An excellent litigator who complements his trademark practice with a complete command of copyright and media law.”


Ehud Gabrieli: “an anti-counterfeiting ace.”


“Very strong knowledge of Israeli patent law and process.”


“Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has strong expertise in trademark and copyright, with a number of brand owners and creative industry companies as clients.”


Nahum and Ehud Gabrieli: “have sustained a high quality of service.”

DUN'S 100

“The firm is considered one of the most professional and expert firms in Israel.”


“The firm emphasises the high quality and professional excellence it has become renowned for, and provides top-notch and personal legal services.”


“Since its establishment till today, the firm has been involved in some of the most precedential cases in IP law. The firm enjoys a tremendous amount of appreciation in the international level as well, and is highly ranked in prestigious ranking guides both in Israel and abroad.”


“Professionalism, expertise and fairness are synonymous with the firm since the day it has been established.”


“Since its establishment till today, the firm has been involved in some of the most precedential cases in IP law.”


“[The firm] give its clients a significant advantage in dealing with both the local and international markets.”

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