Our group is comprised of two leading Israeli entities that offer a wide scope of top-quality professional services, integrating decades of experience with a pioneering approach and a commitment to professionalization and client success.

Ehud Gabrieli (left), Nahum Gabrieli and Roni Benshafrut

Seligsohn Gabrieli Group is one of Israel’s leading and long-established intellectual property law groups, which continues to evolve and develop in scope and scale. We are proud to count as clients some of Israel’s largest corporations, public companies, academic institutions, multinational conglomerates and others to whom the group has been providing a wide range of intellectual property services for decades. We build on professionalism. Our Group is a joining of two leading practices that offer a wide scope of top-quality professional services, integrating decades of experience with outside the box thinking and approach to problem solving, and a commitment to client’s success. With Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. and Seligsohn Gabrieli Benshafrut working side-by-side and in seamless professional synergy within our group, we are optimally positioned to provide clients added value for all their IP needs. We believe in long term, trust-based relationships that offer clients working across numerous industries the freedom to create, the satisfaction of business success, and the peace of mind to know they can trust our mutual path.

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co.

Intellectual Property Law

Shaping Israeli Intellectual Property law for nearly six decades, we have maintained the same level of profound and fundamental work since our early days and until today.
Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. is an Israel-based law firm, with a notable international reach, dedicated to providing comprehensive and impeccable legal services within the full scope of Intellectual Property law. Having the first roots of its founding partner in IP practice in Palestine in 1940, and subsequently formed in 1962, our firm has established solid legal foundations and spearheaded the Israeli IP realm, defining and leading precedents that have shaped the map of intellectual property law in Israel. Our reach has also cut across geographical and cultural boundaries, through our work with various clients around the world. Our longstanding achievements serve as a solid ground on which to continue to define and design the future of IP law on a local and global scale.

Seligsohn Gabrieli Benshafrut

Patents Practice

Leveraging decades of international patent experience, we lead our clients through intricate patents processes – transforming ideas into valuable, tangible business assets.
Each patent is a unique world that requires a profound understanding of both technology and patent law. We accompany clients throughout all stages required to secure their patents and to leverage them for business success. We conduct each process with sharpened senses and a strong professional compass, protecting clients’ assets every step of the way. Our patents services merge our professional proficiency and comprehensive capabilities with our commitment to establishing strong, trust-based relationships with our clients. Processes are carefully defined and detailed, as we strategically navigate through the patents world on their behalf. Decisions are made with full dedication to our clients’ goals, as we consider varying landscapes, intricacies of diverse industries, technological developments, consumer behaviors, global trends and projections. Our ability to provide business landscaping services allows our clients to achieve a full grasp of the business arena they are operating in, and to identify technological “white spots” based on a profound understanding of their competitors’ endeavors, as well as the trends occurring within relevant sectors and geographical areas. With expertise in the fields of life sciences and chemistry, as well as materials, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, diagnostics, agriculture, cannabis, green technologies, water technologies, and nanotechnologies, amongst others, we know it is our responsibility to fully immerse ourselves in the subject at hand, so that we can pave the path to success with confident strides and conviction.
Our extensive experience, combined with our cooperation with our group’s IP law firm, Seligsohn Gabrieli and Co., enables us to lead a wide-ranging patent strategy on behalf of our clients, supported by all aspects of IP law services, which include both registered and non-registered IP, as well as trade secrets. This synergetic approach provides a comprehensive professional advantage point for our clients, with a substantial arsenal of services and tools required to successfully set their strategy into action.

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